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Ohio Mysteries

May 30, 2019

She was found dead, wrapped in worn blankets, lying alongside an East Liverpool road. But people who came from near and far couldn't identify her. Was it possible she was traveling with a carnival that had just come to town? The mysterious death and identity of a victim only known as Carnival Girl.


May 27, 2019

Love triangle: The death of Rose Cable
In 1937, Rose Cable was a wealthy society matron, the wife of prominent Canton contractor Deuber Cable, and days away from her 48th birthday. A shotgun blast through her mansion's breakfast room made sure she never saw that birthday. But who did it? A random prowler? A hitman? Her...

May 23, 2019

Episode Notes:
 In 1991, 17-year-old Melissa Collins and her 8-month-old daughter, Jasmine, disappeared from their West Akron apartment.

For the next two years, detectives assigned to the Akron police missing persons unit conducted a search for Melissa and Jasmine that reached into all 50 states. 


May 20, 2019

Meyers Lake in Stark County is best known for its former amusement park. But in the early 1800s - a century before that attraction was even conceived - Andrew Meyer was famed for being one of Ohio's wealthiest residents. Were neighbors right in saying he used to bury his treasure on his 3,000-acre property to avoid...

May 16, 2019

Just outside Vermilion is one of Ohio's most notoriously spooked locales, where tales of a horrific fire that killed a hundred orphans has attracted ghosthunters and visitors for more than a century. The event never happened - but join us as we explore how some disturbing factual events might be responsible for...