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Ohio Mysteries

Jul 29, 2019

Episode Notes:

In 1978, school teacher Leslie Barker went to a Akron nightclub to participate in what was that decades version of a computerized matchmaking program. She met a man and made plans for a date. But she never made it home. Her remains were found in a burned out car about five hours after the bartender last...

Jul 25, 2019

Episode Notes:

In 1920, owners of semi-pro football teams throughout the Midwest met to form what became the National Football League. And the first NFL champs set a record that stands today. The Akron Pros defense only gave away 7 points that entire season. Interestingly, the season all but faded from memory, with the...

Jul 22, 2019

Episode Notes:

John Dillinger's career as America's most famous bank robber lasted less than a year. He died in a hail of bullets outside a movie theater in Chicago in 1934. A few months later, after the last of his gang was dead or executed, the FBI turned their focus on a farm in Northwest Ohio. One of the gang's key...

Jul 18, 2019

Episode Notes:
In 1758, Delaware Indians kidnapped a Pennsylvania girl as a surrogate for a tribal chief's dead granddaughter, and brought her with them to live in the Ohio country. For nearly a century, books, paintings and commemorative plaques held that the girl, Mary Campbell, lived with her captors in a cave...

Jul 15, 2019

Episode Notes:
A suspect in the 1981 murder of Rebecca Seaburn in a Mt. Gilead laundry would be put on trial three times, with three different outcomes: a guilty conviction that was thrown out, a hung jury, and finally, a not guilty verdict. Which jury got it right?