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Ohio Mysteries

Sep 30, 2021

In 1974, John Robek - an undercover narcotics agent for the Youngstown Police Department - went hunting with his partner and childhood friend. The friend came home; John did not, and he was never seen again.

Sep 26, 2021

In 1846, two men fighting over a beautiful ballet dancer ended in a backstage murder during a performance at a Cincinnati theater - and the killer slipped from the hands of hunters, never to be seen again. What happened to Aquilla Cook?

Sep 23, 2021

In 1981, clerk Tammy Osborne was abducted from her Mansfield Lawsons store and killed. A couple of days later, a Mansfield man named Sean Kearney was found dead in his apartment, a bullet wound in his head. Police guessed that the man had killed Tammy then committed suicide, but years later, an investigation into...

Sep 20, 2021

Akron started the new century off with a bang when, in 1900, a mob intent on lynching a black man accused of rape went to city hall, exchanged gunfire with police, set the block on fire, and leveled the city building with dynamite. Two children were killed in the melee, dozens were jailed for rioting - and the accused...

Sep 16, 2021

An Ohio Mysteries/Akron Beacon Journal crossover
In 2002, Akron police had a busy day when investigative teams were called to two different homicide scenes - an unidentified man shot dead on a West Akron street, and a mother of three girls executed in her West Akron bedroom. Before the day was done,...