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Ohio Mysteries

Oct 28, 2021

In 1884 in Dayton. 18-year-old Anna Hochwalt was preparing for her brother's wedding ceremony when her mother discovered her unresponsive. After a doctor declared her dead, she was quickly buried. But when friends kept expressing concern that she looked very much alive in the coffin, she was exhumed for another look

Oct 25, 2021

 Ohio has numerous haunted roads and bridges. Tonight, we share the stories behind six of them: 1) Ghormley Road in Fayette County. 2) The Faceless Hitchhiker of Deadman's Curve in Clermont County. 3) Schader Road Tunnel in Ross County. 4) Gibbs Bridge in Lucas County. 5) Egypt Road's Crybaby Bridge in Columbiana...

Oct 21, 2021

In 1880 in Monroe County's Seneca Township, neighbors responding to a late-night alarm found a house filled with death. Two dead babies, two dead women, and a bludgeoned but breathing serving girl. She told authorities that her employer, Frank Biedenbach, had arrived home drunk and took an axe to everyone in the house....

Oct 18, 2021

Two news reports and two legends about encounters with mysterious beasts. 1) Champaign County's Cedar Bog Monster. 2) Logan and Union counties' visit from Bigfoot in 1980. 3 & 4) Richland and Ashland counties' Orange Eyes and the Charles Mill Lake Monster.

Oct 17, 2021

After Gen. Mad Anthony Wayne masterminded the 1795 treaty that moved Ohio's Indian tribes to the northwest, a roving band of angry warriors stole the gold meant to pay his military. Thus began the legend of buried treasure in Henry County, and the ghost that guards it. Bonus story on the ghost of Girty's Island!