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Ohio Mysteries

Mar 4, 2019

Episode Notes:

In 1991, Rachael Johnson left a nightclub with a friend and headed home. She would never make it. After the friend's car got a flat tire and the interior filled with the smell of burning rubber, she insisted on finding her own way home. She got out of her friend's car - and was picked up by a killer. Her body was found the next day, raped, beaten, stabbed and set afire in the middle of an Akron street.

Special guest: Katelin Puzakulics, who was two years old when her mother was murdered, and Lesli Rarick, the woman who is trying to help her shed new light on a cold case.
Music: Lie in Wait, by Relaxer. Follow them at

Rise of The Phospher- Daniel Birch

The Great Unknown- Audonautix