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Ohio Mysteries

Mar 18, 2019

In 2002, a man co-workers and acquaintances had always known as Joseph Newton Chandler III killed himself in the bathroom of his Eastlake apartment. But a probate court's search for next of kin would find Chandler had been living under a stolen identity for 30 years. Their investigation would eventually reveal the mysterious suicide victim had been born Robert Ivan Nichols, a father of three sons from Indiana who abandoned his family in the 1960s with the cryptic message: "In due time, you'll know why."

Today, we still don't know why.  But authorities are just as determined as ever to find out what Chandler was hiding in his past.
Music: Sink Away, by The Katawicks. Follow them at

The Great Unknown- Audionautix

Rise of the Phosper- Daniel Birch