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Ohio Mysteries

Sep 24, 2018

Episode Notes

In 1758, the British took Fort Duquesne in Pittsburgh from the French who had established it. But before their arrival, the French spared 10 men to whisk away their army's payroll. They loaded 16 packhorses with gold and silver and headed for Fort Detroit. They never made it. The British intercepted the small detail, killing eight of the 10 Frenchmen. But not before the French soldiers buried the treasure to keep it out of the hands of their enemy.

Years later, a nephew of one of the surviving French soldiers found his uncle's journal about the special assignment, along with specific details on how to find the treasure near present-day Minerva in Stark County, Ohio. The nephew's attempt to locate the booty failed, as has every other attempt these past 200 years.

The podcast also features a second tale - the legend of a Minerva-area treasure left behind by the Civil War's infamous Morgan's Raid.