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Ohio Mysteries

Oct 22, 2018

Episode Notes

What if you heard someone pelting your house with rocks, then investigated to find yourself face to face with a large hairy beast on two legs. In 1978, the Cayton family and several others living in and around Minerva reported seeing a manlike creature they couldn't identify lurking in the woods, something that has come to be known simply as "the Minerva Monster."

Akron Beacon Journal reporter Barb Galloway was the first journalist to document their stories, which - as it turned out - went back a generation. She accompanied local sheriff deputies as they found what appeared to be bedding pressed into tall grass, a tuft of fur snagged on a thorny bush, scratch marks on wood, and the strong odor of ammonia.

Hear what Galloway has to say about that unnerving summer.

Music: Right Now, by Daniel Rylander. For more on Daniel Rylander, visit