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Ohio Mysteries

Oct 29, 2018

Episode Notes:

At 5 a.m. in the pre-dawn darkness of Portage County, a police chief in northern Portage County and two sheriff deputies in southern Portage County are calling in reports of a saucer-shaped object plowing through the sky. Two deputies will even give chase, soon joined by a patrolman in another county as they follow the object all the way into Pennsylvania - and into history.

The event will ruin lives and careers after the U.S. military dismisses the encounter.

We go straight to the transcript of interviews with Wright Patterson Air Force Base and law enforcement witnesses to find out exactly what happened that fateful night.

Music: Never Look Back, by Guy Randall. For more on Guy Randall, visit

Aero Chord Feat DDark-Shooting Stars

Audionautix- Great Unknown